Data science

How to enter data science

  1. The target
  2. The statistics
  3. The analytics
  4. The engineering
  5. The people


  1. Transitioning to data science from academia
  2. Lessons from the first two data scientists at a startup


  1. Visualizing the danger of multiple t-test comparisons
  2. Linear regression via gradient descent
  3. A deep dive on ARIMA models
  4. A business lens on precision and recall


  1. Fish schools as ensemble learning algorithms


  1. Data quality at Aquicore
  2. How we created the morning overshoot detector


Building a full-stack spam catching app

  1. Context
  2. Backend
  3. Frontend & Deployment

Machine Learning

  1. Building a random forest by hand

Data engineering

  1. SQL vs. NoSQL databases in Python
  2. Intermediate SQL
  3. 3 levels of technical abstraction when sharing your code
  4. A hands-on demo of big data with Spark
  5. SQL riddles to test your wits

AWS essentials

  1. Why cloud computing?
  2. Storage: S3, RDS, DynamoDB
  3. Compute: EC2, Lambda

Computer science

  1. Intro to data structures
  2. Exploring stacks and queues


Random Python

  1. Perspectives on Python after R
  2. Efficient type validation for Python functions


Introduction to R

  1. Intro to R
  2. Random data and plotting
  3. For loops and random walks
  4. Functions and if statements
  5. The apply functions

Random R

  1. For loops vs. apply - a race in efficiency
  2. How to be fancy with comparisons
  3. Visualizing my daily commute

Academic advice

Grad school life

  1. 1st-year reflections
  2. 2nd-year reflections
  3. 3rd-year reflections
  4. 4th-year reflections
  5. Advice for generals/quals/prelims

Applications and writing

  1. How to get into a biology Ph.D. program
  2. How to get a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF-GRFP)
  3. How to get a Gates Cambridge scholarship p.1 (written by Dr. Paul Bergen)
  4. How to get a Gates Cambridge scholarship p.2 (written by Dr. Corina Logan)
  5. How to write the self-contained universe

Tips for undergrads

  1. Retrospective advice for undergrads to make the most of their four years
  2. Why start grad/med/law school right away? There’s a whole world out there

Behind the scenes in research

  1. Behind the scenes for Couzin et al. 2011, Science