Data science

How to transition into data science

  1. The target
  2. The statistics
  3. The analytics
  4. The engineering
  5. The people


  1. Visualizing the danger of multiple t-test comparisons
  2. Linear regression via gradient descent


  1. Data quality at Aquicore
  2. How we created the morning overshoot detector


Random Python

  1. Perspectives on Python after R


Introduction to R

  1. Intro to R
  2. Random data and plotting
  3. For loops and random walks
  4. Functions and if statements
  5. The apply functions

Random R

  1. For loops vs. apply - a race in efficiency
  2. How to be fancy with comparisons
  3. Visualizing my daily commute

Academic advice

Grad school life

  1. 1st-year reflections
  2. 2nd-year reflections
  3. 3rd-year reflections
  4. 4th-year reflections
  5. Advice for generals/quals/prelims

Applications and writing

  1. How to get into a biology Ph.D. program
  2. How to get a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF-GRFP)
  3. How to get a Gates Cambridge scholarship p.1 (written by Dr. Paul Bergen)
  4. How to get a Gates Cambridge scholarship p.2 (written by Dr. Corina Logan)
  5. How to write the self-contained universe

Tips for undergrads

  1. Retrospective advice for undergrads to make the most of their four years
  2. Why start grad/med/law school right away? There’s a whole world out there

Behind the scenes in research

  1. Behind the scenes for Couzin et al. 2011, Science